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About Our Site
Legendary Since 2006
Super Bowl Pool Site (SBPS) was established in the months leading up to the 2007 Super Bowl. After years of operating a semi-efficient contest involving emails, excel spreadsheets, and basic periodic website updates, I took it upon myself to spend hundreds of hours coding a new approach -- a fully automated online system.

Initially intended to serve as the website interface for only my annual pool, I decided to open the service to the public, expecting not more than a handful of takers.

Since its inception, SBPS has hosted more than 10,000 grid contests, providing entertainment for over 400,000 participants. I still spend many hours a week, even during the offseason, improving the site per the requests of the user community.

Thanks for making this a success.

Justin Wool
Founder, Super Bowl Pool Sites
Dir. of Technology, Legendary A-Team